• Dedicated to the life work of Walter M. Spink through efforts of his many friends,
    this resource features, in a small degree, his scholarly work at Ajanta;
    highlights some of his creative writing; and provides insight
    to this well-loved scholar and teacher through the eyes of his colleagues.
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Walter M. Spink

Ph.D. (1954) Harvard

Professor Emeritus, History of Art, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has published widely on Indian Art in general, and Ajanta and related sites in particular and continues to travel, lecture, and work at the Ajanta Cave site.

an informal interview with Walter Spink discussing his life and work at Ajanta

conducted at his residence in India, 2010
videographer: Dominic Howe | Interview: Marcus Wise

The Journey of Siddhartha

by Walter M. Spink

Recorded July 2014 at Solid Sound Studio, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Walter Spink: narrative | Marcus Wise: tabla | Bruce Hamm: sarod

sample one from the cd

The Journey of Siddhartha, written with the encouragement of Archibald Macleish when I was a graduate student studying Indian Art History at Harvard 1950-1952, owes much to the remarkable Buddhacarita, (the story of the Buddha) of the 1st-2nd century poet Asvaghosa, beautifully translated by E. H. Johnson (1928).

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